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I pray for après

I pray for après @djrobertson @threeblueducks @Falls_Creek @anna_lisle

Having skied only a handful of times before, I can’t say I was overly-enamoured by the thought of a trip to Falls Creek. Admittedly, I am quite competitive and the thought of hitting the slopes with my better half, who has skied since he was a child, was not entirely motivating. Throw in the fact that I was definitely going to encounter sore legs and probably a bruise or two and I think I had…

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Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason @spice_i_am @anna_lisle

With the Best Restaurants of Australia offices just around the corner, I’ve walked past Sydney-institution, Harry’s Singapore Chilli Crab Restaurant what feels like a thousand times, though I never set foot inside. I have to admit, I was disappointed when it was replaced by Surry Hills Eating House, the latest restaurant to join popular Thai group, Spice I Am. What do they say? You want what you…

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Congratulations Cuckoo Callay

Congratulations Cuckoo Callay @CuckooCallay

Just outside Newtown Station, Cuckoo Callay is a newcomer in the trendy Inner West scene. Inspired by the playful and whimsical nature of Lewis Caroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ poem, Cuckoo Callay cleverly utilises their space and ties in numerous design elements to create a quirky and relaxed cafe environment.

Ricotta hotcakes

Ricotta hotcakes

The Instagram worthy “Hashtag Brown” is a proven favourite, the  crispy potato…

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Coogee’s got a keeper

Coogee’s got a keeper @merivalegroup @anna_lisle #coogeepavilion

700 people walked through Coogee Pavilion’s doors on its opening night. These are figures that most restaurants only dream about but for hospitality mogul, Justin Hemmes, this is probably just another day-in-the-life. The Merivale portfolio now includes 50 restaurants, pubs and nightclubs across Sydney, employing over 2,000 people, with every venue proving a success. But despite what you may…

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The Cliff Dive opens underground tuckshop Yurippi

The Cliff Dive opens underground tuckshop Yurippi @thecliffdive

Who would have thought a Papuan dancehall-cum-bar could be such a hit? Having won over Sydney’s clubbing scene, Cliff Dive co-owners Alex Dowd, Jeremy Blackmore and Russell Martin are set to tap into another demographic; our foodies.

“We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve The Cliff Dive experience. And the best way we figure is to make the experience last longer" says Alex Dowd

Yurippi is the name of Cliff Dive’s new yakitori eating house

As you descend the stairs of Cliff Dive, get ready to be transported to a place that’s warm and…

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Chase ends here for Sydney’s best sushi

Chase ends here for Sydney’s best sushi @anna_lisle @ChaseKojima @TheStarSydney #thestar

There’s sushi and then there’s sushi. At Sokyo,the sushi melts away on your tongue like good chocolate. In fact, it’s not just sushi that makes an impression, every dish of our ten-course dinner has carved itself into my memory as an event on its own. Writing this, I feel as though I’m recalling a dish I ate moments ago, so vivid are my mental notes. That’s the power of great food – a mouthful…

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What makes a good pub?

What makes a good pub? @ChefBradSloane @anna_lisle

What makes a good pub? In a city where hospitality groups are pumping millions of dollars into revamping pubs, it’s a question worth asking. To me, a great drinking establishment has less to do with the wallpaper and more to do with the people who stand behind the bar and sit on the stools. It’s the charismatic bartenders who remember to ask about your footy grand final and the familiar faces of…

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Happy Days at The Balmoral Boathouse

Happy Days at The Balmoral Boathouse @theboathousepb

If a restaurant could smile, then The Balmoral Boathousewould constantly be sporting an ear-to-ear grin. Even on a dreary winter day, the cafe is beaming. It’s hard to pin-point the exact source of this effervescent energy – perhaps it’s the married couple beside us, sharing a glass of pinot or maybe it’s the mother and teenage daughter sitting opposite, simply enjoying each other’s company as…

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Pushing all the right buttons

Pushing all the right buttons @thepushbar @anna_lisle #thepushsydney

What’s in a name? In a venue as historic as this, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate where it has come from. In the early 1800’s, The Rocks Push were a larrikin gang who terrorised visitors and sailors who frequented the area. Located on George Street at the gateway to the historic Rocks area, nowadays The Pushcombines the famed history of the area with a modern edge. The walls…

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Avo-bravo @markredlantern @anna_lisle @RedLanternViet @ausavos @LeBlanc13

Forget about your ho-hum prawn cocktail starter, Chef Mark Jensen from Red Lantern on Riley hosted a five-course tasting menu that challenged guests to reconsider the use of the humble avocado.

After touring Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, the avocado masterclass program touched down in Sydney, with over 20 of Sydney’s best chefs eager to expand their repertoire.

Chicken and avocado congee

Chicken and avocado…

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