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Happy Days at The Balmoral Boathouse

Happy Days at The Balmoral Boathouse @theboathousepb

If a restaurant could smile, then The Balmoral Boathousewould constantly be sporting an ear-to-ear grin. Even on a dreary winter day, the cafe is beaming. It’s hard to pin-point the exact source of this effervescent energy – perhaps it’s the married couple beside us, sharing a glass of pinot or maybe it’s the mother and teenage daughter sitting opposite, simply enjoying each other’s company as…

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Pushing all the right buttons

Pushing all the right buttons @thepushbar @anna_lisle #thepushsydney

What’s in a name? In a venue as historic as this, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate where it has come from. In the early 1800’s, The Rocks Push were a larrikin gang who terrorised visitors and sailors who frequented the area. Located on George Street at the gateway to the historic Rocks area, nowadays The Pushcombines the famed history of the area with a modern edge. The walls…

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Avo-bravo @markredlantern @anna_lisle @RedLanternViet @ausavos @LeBlanc13

Forget about your ho-hum prawn cocktail starter, Chef Mark Jensen from Red Lantern on Riley hosted a five-course tasting menu that challenged guests to reconsider the use of the humble avocado.

After touring Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, the avocado masterclass program touched down in Sydney, with over 20 of Sydney’s best chefs eager to expand their repertoire.

Chicken and avocado congee

Chicken and avocado…

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Go Simon Goh

Go Simon Goh @templeofluv @anna_lisle #fishface #doublebay #chintakechil

Double Bay first popped up on my restaurant radar when seafood guru Steve Hodges moved Fish Face from Darlinghurst to New South Head Road last year. Since then, it just seems to have gotten better and better. The suburb’s renewal can be largely attributed to the $110 million joint ­venture between Woolworths and ­Woollahra Council, known as the Kiaora Lands redevelopment, which includes the…

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Cho Cho San is reinventing Japanese

Cho Cho San is reinventing Japanese

Cho Cho San is the second restaurant to come out of the dynamic pairing of Jonathan Barthelmess and Sam Christie. After opening the successful Greek restaurant Apollo together, it was somewhat of a surprise that their next venture was Japanese. But they did it as a challenge, and it seriously paid off – their lack of formal training in Japanese cuisine has led to one of the most exciting menus of…

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My Italian Riviera fantasy

My Italian Riviera fantasy @anna_lisle #peterridland #jonahs

The sun dances on the surface of the water, twinkling and sparkling with every ripple and gentle wave. It’s the perfect day as I stand on the jetty at Rose Bay. I’ve teamed my favourite mint-green silk dress with cat-eye sunglasses and a bolero jacket. I could be on the set of The Talented Mr Ripley, like Marge, standing portside on the Italian Riviera. I board the tiny white sea-plane and…

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All hail Orazio

All hail #daorazio @morryt @anna_lisle

 There are no foams or jellies, amuse bouches or fancy schmancy ingredients. The tables aren’t set. Instead, guests have to fend for themselves, dipping into a cutlery bag given to each table. The toilet flush doubles as the sink tap, the music is loud and the tables are close together. Despite what it may seem, these are all goodthings. Well, everything except the toilet flush. Owned by fashion…

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Q Dining finds its niche

Q Dining finds its niche @insydneyharbour @anna_lisle

Back and forth we traipse around the Circular Quay boardwalk. Where is this place? Finding a bench, I consult Google Maps and glance around. Normally when I’m lost and can’t find a restaurant, I’m tottering down some dark alleyway in the middle of nowhere, with no battery left on my phone (admittedly, this seems to be an all too regular occurrence for me). Here, I’m treated to one of the most…

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Persian cooking finds a home in Sydney

Persian cooking finds a home in Sydney @PersianRoomSyd @anna_lisle

The wealth of Sydney’s restaurant scene doesn’t lie just in big-name, fine-dining places. There may be no other city in the country that can compare when it comes to the number and variety of treasures that offer really delicious food at often amazing prices. Persian Room is one of these gems.

All meat is halal and every dish is gluten free

All meat is halal and every dish is gluten free

After a recent move, Persian Room now occupies a prime…

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