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S’il vous plaît Salon De The

S’il vous plaît Salon De The @morryt @anna_lisle #salondethe

My Dad has always told me that nothing in life is for free. While I couldn’t agree with him more, there’s no denying how excited I become when I receive a freebie. I’m not talking about winning business class tickets to Europe or anything like that, (not that that would happen; I’m one of those people who enters everythingbut wins nothing) but I’m referring to the complimentary bowl of popcorn…

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Cockle Bay’s very own Cafe Del Mar

Cockle Bay’s very own Cafe Del Mar @CafeDelMarSyd @ChefBenFitton @anna_lisle @UMMCOMMUNICATE

The original Café Del Mar is not in Sydney – it’s in Ibiza, the bohemian party playground, where chilled out beats play all day long while long-legged beauties mill around in short jumpsuits, sipping coconut-inspired cocktails. Short of booking a trip to Spain, this Cockle Bay Wharf restaurant flavours the senses with fruity cocktails, Mediterranean flavours and smooth tunes. An interpretation of…

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How to Score Great Dining Deals for Less

How to Score Great Dining Deals for Less @TheStarSydney @goodfoodmonth

Gone are the days when the definition of a good meal was food that simply kept people’s bellies full. Food culture is on the rise, with the huge success of food shows, foodie websites and food festivals; few people can say that a delicious meal doesn’t make their day! And of course, a good dining experience is made all the more enticing if a great discount or reduced price can be enjoyed. Here’s…

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Meat, smoke and water views

Meat, smoke and water views @merivalegroup @Friesenpatrick @anna_lisle #papichulo

One oft-quoted piece of advice from entrepreneurs is that above all else you should focus on one idea and execute it exceptionally. Do not spread yourself too thin; just do one thing and do it well. At Papi Chulo, the first Merivale restaurant to cross the bridge, restaurateur Justin Hemmes does lots of things; and he does them all very, very well. Right on Manly Wharf, Papi Chulois part…

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The new charo cross is boss

The new charo cross is boss @matt_t_kemp @anna_lisle @drycom

Forget about Crown Street in Surry Hills or Victoria Street in Darlinghurst, shuffle East and head towards the water and you’ll stumble across a foray of Eastern Suburbs foodie hotspots. Let’s start with a macchiato at Top Hat Coffee Merchants, before stopping off at Three Blue Ducks for a bowl of bircher muesli, lunch has got to be at Ruby’s Diner, then pop into Adriano Zumbo for afternoon tea,…

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Guillame kicking goals in Paddington

Guillame kicking goals in Paddington @GuillaumeGroup @anna_lisle

In rugby union, as in many sports, a player’s experience is measured in caps. The more caps, the more experienced the player. It may well be finals season, but why bring up footy when we’re talking about one Sydney’s most anticipated restaurant openings in years? Well, this was the analogy used by Guillaume to explain his team at Paddington. With two-thirds of his ‘team’ having migrated from…

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I pray for après

I pray for après @djrobertson @threeblueducks @Falls_Creek @anna_lisle

Having skied only a handful of times before, I can’t say I was overly-enamoured by the thought of a trip to Falls Creek. Admittedly, I am quite competitive and the thought of hitting the slopes with my better half, who has skied since he was a child, was not entirely motivating. Throw in the fact that I was definitely going to encounter sore legs and probably a bruise or two and I think I had…

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Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason @spice_i_am @anna_lisle

With the Best Restaurants of Australia offices just around the corner, I’ve walked past Sydney-institution, Harry’s Singapore Chilli Crab Restaurant what feels like a thousand times, though I never set foot inside. I have to admit, I was disappointed when it was replaced by Surry Hills Eating House, the latest restaurant to join popular Thai group, Spice I Am. What do they say? You want what you…

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